About the Band

The membership of the band has changed some in the 30+ years of its life, but a core group of original members remain.

The “Big Band Sounds” was born in 1987 when “Red” Raville recruited musician friends from around the central New York region to accompany a choral performance of classic big-band music from the 30’s and 40’s.  The performance was very well received and Red suggested to the performers that they stay together and build their own repertoire of swing and dance music.

In the years since then, Big Band Sounds has played for concerts, wedding receptions, dance clubs, music festivals, private parties and a variety of other events throughout the central New York region.


The band has been well received wherever it goes as evidenced by this testimonial from a 2010 wedding appearance.


The current members of

Big-Band-Sounds include:


Piano: Red Raville

Vocalist: Becky Keefe

1st Alto Sax: Bill Pomares

2nd Alto: Michelle Pomares

1st Tenor Greg Maistros

2nd Tenor: Chris Luttinger

Bari. Sax: Keven Simmons

1st Trumpet: Gary Solomon

2nd Trumpet: Gary Bush

3rd Trumpet: Michael Tefft

1st Trombone: Henry Carpenter

2nd Trombone: Becky Sabin

3rd Trombone: Corey Riley

Drums: Cathy Thielke

Bass: Carl Pickett